Commission Based Pricing

1% For Every 10% Saved

Our commission rate is 1% of the list price for every 10% we save you, ensuring you always recoup significant savings on every negotiation. (No more seeing all your saved money going to the negotiator!)

This means we have a great incentive to get you the best possible deal and work as many hours as necessary to secure it. The harder we work to secure you the deal, the better off we both are!

Example of a $100k deal

For example, let’s say you have a $100,000 deal and we negotiate a 50% discount for you (a total of $50,000). We would receive 5%, so you save $45,000, and we earn $5,000 for our services.

If we are able to get you a 90% discount, we earn 9% of that fee – which is great for us, but also for you! On that same $100,000 deal, we would receive a well-deserved $9,000, while you save a whopping $81,000!

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