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Single Negotiation
Monthly Subscription

Single Negotiation Pricing Options

Most negotiators only take on large deals, and often, by the end, their fees are so high that the amount of money saved in the negotiation is almost nothing.

To our way of thinking, this kind of billing for negotiation services completely negates the entire point of hiring a negotiator! You bring in a negotiator to save you lots of money – not just change the number of people to whom you pay money from one to two.

Our pricing is designed to be affordable and flexible, and most importantly to ensure our clients save money when they bring us on board.

We understand that all businesses have different needs. That is why we have designed a pricing structure that allows YOU to choose what works best for your business. Best of all, all of our price options are backed by our amazing savings guarantee which ensures that our customers save on each and every deal!



per hour
  • No up front costs
  • We will provide a time and $ estimate prior to starting the negotiation
  • Weekly updates will be provided to keep you informed on current billing and negotiation status
  • Savings Guaranteed

Flat Fee

Project Specific

Flat rate for entire project
  • No up front costs
  • Know exactly how much you will spend on our services
  • Negotiation status updates delivered weekly
  • Savings guaranteed

Monthly Subscription Pricing Options

Many of our clients benefit from our services so much, that they have us negotiate many if not most of their purchases and contracts.  We designed the ultimate savings packages for our clients that want to save on ALL their deals!

$5k/per month

  • Up to 10 negotiations of your choice
  • No limit on size or $ amount

$10k/per month

  • Up to 20 negotiations of your choice
  • No limit on size or $ amount

$20k/per month

  • Up to 50 negotiations of your choice
  • No limit on size or $ amount
We guarantee you save or you pay us


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