We saw common


Businesses are facing

  • Budgets being tight and reduced
  • Major sacrifices being made to save money
  • Business closures and layoffs
  • Projects being put on hold or eliminated
  • Not enough time to focus on critical tasks
  • Decreased productivity
  • Decreased Profits
  • Not being able to afford what is needed to grow and/or be stable
  • Frustration and tension due to constraints
We became the


Christine Popoff, founder of Strategic Negotiators, has spent over 18 years of her career mastering the art of strategic negotiations. When she saw the common problems that businesses of all sizes and industries were facing, she recognized that she could utilize her negotiation skills to solve the problem and help these businesses be successful.

Many businesses she reached out to didn’t realize or think it was possible to hire a professional negotiator to negotiate their smaller deals and every day purchases. They assumed it would only be worth the money to hire a negotiator if they had an enormous deal in the works or legal issues. For most negotiation firms, this would be true. The service didn’t exist and to hire a typical negotiator would not be worth it. Christine offered her services to those companies she interviewed and they were amazed and gratified to find that they could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by having her negotiate all their contracts and purchases. Christine knew she was onto something good and could really make a difference. Strategic Negotiators was born.

One mid-sized business of 200 people saved $2 million by using our negotiators. Another got a whopping 90% off their original deal. And amazingly, their relationships with their vendors actually improved.

Christine has built strong relationships with thousands of vendors and the list keeps growing. Under her guidance, the entire firm of Strategic Negotiators uses her knowledge and expertise to set a good stage for negotiation right off the bat, clearing the way to get our clients the best possible price from the vendor – along with a solid relationship and a good foundation for future deals. We hold strong to the standards of Principled Negotiations set forth by Harvard University to create a positive experience for both our clients and the vendors.

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Our Unique


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