Small Businesses Challenges

Cash Flow and Capital

Small businesses face many challenges.  One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is cash flow and capital.  For a small business, every dollar really does count. Often small businesses struggle to find a balance between the money that goes out and the money that comes in.  It’s difficult to break even let alone be profitable and grow.  We are committed to helping our clients be as successful as possible.  We are committed to helping our clients get the best possible rates and to help identify opportunities to save money that may not be apparent.


Small Business Cost Saving Strategy

You may have heard the phrase “You have to spend money to make money”.  This is especially  true for small businesses.  Small businesses usually have to invest in their company financially.  Whether it is buying equipment and supplies, point of sale (POS) and other operational software and systems, inventory, resourcing, outsourcing, advertising, sometimes even construction and renovation costs if your business has a store front or office.  No matter what industry or what kind of small business you have, there are always purchases that need to be made.  Unfortunately, because it is a small business, often you end up paying the highest prices because the quantities purchased are so low.  Small businesses often don’t have the luxury of getting bulk discount prices.  This makes it even more expensive and more difficult financially.  These financial challenges are why we are here.

We have worked with many small businesses to help them meet their financial goals and grow to be profitable.  By letting our negotiators negotiate all your purchases and contracts, YOU SAVE MONEY GUARANTEED!  Isn’t having more money critical to your small business?  The best part is that we do not charge an hourly fee!  Our fee structure was designed to provide maximum benefit for our customers.  We would be paid a very small percentage based on what we save you, so no matter what you, the client, save more than if you didn’t use our services at all.  We are so confident that our services will help you that we have a savings guarantee… With each purchase we negotiate, we guarantee that you save or you pay us nothing.  That’s right… NOTHING!  For example, although it doesn’t happen often, if it is absolutely not possible to get the vendor to come down in price, we still will have done the work, freeing up your valuable time, yet we would not receive our commission and there would be no fees for our efforts for that purchase.  So why wouldn’t you hire our expert negotiators for your purchases? 

Time Is Money For A Small Business

Another common challenge small businesses face is time.  There isn’t ever enough time so every minute counts.  A small business owner or manager should be spending their time on their customers, product/service quality, employees, and growing their business.  Every minute spent on talking to vendors and suppliers, dealing with purchases, looking for deals, etc. is an unnecessary loss of time and could be costly.  Time is money and your time is extremely valuable to your business.  Let us handle it!  Just tell us what you need, let us work with the vendors, let us get you the best price… That way you can focus on your most important tasks.